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Water Gun Racing

It’s the middle of summer and that means it is HOT! Now is the perfect time for water games because they help little ones play outside without getting overheated. We have a super fun water gun racing game that can create friendly competition between kiddos. Get your water guns ready and on your mark, get set, go!


  • 2 water guns
  • 2 plastic cups
  • 2 long pieces of string (approx. 10 ft each)
  • Sharp object (scissors or knife)


  1. First, use your sharp object to put a small hole in the bottom and near the edge of each cup.
  2. Tie one end of each string to a sturdy object outside, leaving a bit of distance between the two as shown in the photo below. Then, thread the string through the opening of the cup and the hole in the bottom. 
  3. Tie the other end of each string to another sturdy object a few feet away. The sturdy object should either be the same for both pieces of string or objects very close to each other. 
  4. Fill your water guns with water and make sure both cups are at the same end of the string. 
  5. Begin a countdown and then let the kiddos squirt water into the cups, making it move along the string and see who can reach the other side first!





Water Gun Racing