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Taste Test

For the month of September we are focusing on all the goodness of food. More specifically, we’re learning what foods can do for your body! One of the most fun parts of food is all of the amazing textures and tastes. Especially for little ones who are beginning to explore the different things their tastebuds like and do not like. For this activity I wanted to let Faye taste different kinds of foods and see if she could guess the food without looking at it! She was a bit nervous at first but I promised her I would only give her foods that I knew she liked. This was a great lesson on the five senses as well! With each food she tasted, we talked about how it tasted, how it smelled and how it felt in her mouth. We both had a really good time and it kept me laughing! 


  • Different foods for your little one to taste
  • Something to be a blindfold 

Simply blindfold your little one and then let the taste testing begin! We went through each food and talked about the different senses we could use to describe it besides our sight. Then, I had her guess what she thought the food was. Finally I would let her remove the blindfold to see if she was right or wrong!

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Taste Test