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Salt Painting

Salt painting is a relatively new concept to me and I am OBSESSED. Not only is the process so cool to watch but the finished product is incredible! Salt painting is fun, simple and a great way to build fine motor skills for younger kiddos. Kids love it, too! The little girl I created the craft with was amazed, she referred to the process as “magic” and I had to agree with her that it was pretty magical!

I do have one major suggestion for you and your little one(s): really make sure you allow the glue and salt enough time to dry. Some places on our giraffe were not completely dry yet and it would have turned out better if we had been a little bit more patient! Even though I think it could have turned out better, it still turned out pretty neat; you live and you learn!


  • Giraffe printable (works best if printed on card stock paper) 
  • Paintbrush
  • Liquid watercolors 
  • Salt
  • White glue
  • Containers for paint
  • Water


  1. Print the giraffe printable and cut it out (please note: Adult supervision is highly suggested with the use of scissors).
  2. Cover the giraffe with white glue. You can create spots, designs or anything you would like!
  3. Next, sprinkle salt over the glue. Once the glue has had a chance to dry a bit, you can shake off the extra salt. 
  4. Allow time for the salt and glue to dry. Use your paintbrush to get a little bit of the water color and water, and paint your giraffe!
  5. Finally let your artwork dry and the find a nice play to display it! If you would like, you can glue your giraffe on a piece of construction paper. 





Salt Painting