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Patriotic T-Shirt

How cute is this DIY shirt?! Sometimes you search and search for the perfect holiday shirt and can’t find an option that works. This option is perfect because it is cute, cheap and sentimental! It could be used for the July 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans Day or any military event! It also can be saved and framed or gifted to someone special in the future.


  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Red & blue fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plate
  • Cardboard or paper 
  • Clean up materials 


  1. Place your piece of cardboard or paper inside of the t-shirt so the paint will not bleed through.
  2. Decide where you would like the handprint to go on the shirt. Use a paint brush to paint the palm of your child’s hand blue and then carefully place it on the shirt.
  3. Next, switch paint brushes and make red stripes next to the handprint, making it look like the flag. You can create the red stripes yourself or trust your little one to do it!
  4. If you would like, paint a red heart inside of the handprint to complete the shirt!
  5. Let shirt dry completely before wearing! 

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Patriotic T-Shirt