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Oreo Halloween Snack

How cute are these?! PLUS they involve Oreos…so in my book that’s a win-win! These are the perfect Halloween snack to make with your little one(s) because they can actually help you make it. No oven or stove necessary. Another reason this snack is one of my favorites is because it combines sweet and salty; I guess we can say it’s a win-win-win!


  • Oreos
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Marshmallows
  • Black frosting
  • Candy corn


  1. Begin by breaking four pretzel sticks in half. Then, stick four of the halves into one side of the Oreo and the remaining four halves into the other side. This gives your spider 8 legs!
  2. Next, break the white tips off of two pieces of candy corn. Stick the white tips into the front of the Oreo, between the two sets of legs, to give the spider some silly fangs!
  3. Then, take two marshmallows and squish them as flat as you can! Place a small dot of black frosting on the back of each and place them above the two fangs to create eyes for the spider.
  4. Finally, make a circle in the center of each marshmallow with the black frosting to complete your spider! Make more or devour your first one!

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Oreo Halloween Snack