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Kindness Jar

If you are a Kids Night In Box subscriber, you might know that February’s box theme was “Kind Heart.” Kids Night In wants to encourage little ones (and adults) to practice having a kind and caring heart to the people and things around them! We all know the golden rule “treat others how you want to be treated” and this is something we believe we should all strive to do! Being kind is not always easy but it is something that we can teach our kiddos to start practicing from a young age. This kindness jar is a perfect way to encourage acts of kindness and give your little one(s) a better idea of what having a kind heart looks like.

The materials for this jar can be whatever you have on hand! For our kindness jar we used a mason jar & pom-poms! We also decided to add adhesive jewels to the outside of our jar for decoration.

Here’s how the kindness jar works… encourage your child to complete acts of kindness (such as helping around the house, using kind words, encouraging others, etc.). Whenever you notice them doing one of these acts, place a pom-pom (or whatever object you decide to use) into the jar! Once the jar is filled all the way to the top, reward your child by showing them an act of kindness in return. This is such a simple activity that can help your child find ways to be kind! We hope you enjoy!

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Kindness Jar