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Heart of Grain

One of the 5 food groups we talked about in our September Kids Night In Box was grains! Grains are foods made from wheat, rice, oats or any other cereal grain. Some examples of grains are bread, pasta, tortillas, oatmeal and pretzels! Grains provide our bodies with energy. However, today we are going to use grains for something other than energy. We are going to use grains to make artwork! We choose to make a heart, but you could make any shape or picture that you choose. This was a great way to practice fine motor skills and think outside of the box while creating a cool craft! 


  • A variety of grains (pasta, rice, oats, etc.)
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Black marker


  1. We started off by cutting two heart shapes out of construction paper. 
  2. Next, we drew different shaped lines across our hearts so that we could make different patterns with our grains.
  3. We went one section at a time and filled it with glue and then laid all of the same type of grain in that section. Then we would move onto the next section and switch to a different type of grain! We continued this until our hearts were full! 
  4. Once your artwork is complete, be sure to give it plenty of time to dry completely. 

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Heart of Grain