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Exercise is so good for our hearts! Our blood gets pumping, our muscles get stronger and it makes us healthier all around. We can encourage our little one(s) to exercise and develop happy AND healthy hearts! Exercise also allows little one(s) to get out their built up energy and can keep them entertained! It’s a winner but sometimes it can be hard to make it fun for kiddos. Here’s an exercise game that you can introduce to your little one(s). Turning exercise into a game makes it 10 times more fun! For this game all you will need is the free printable provided below, a paper clip and a writing utensil!


  1. Download and print the spinner.
  2. Place your paperclip with one end in the middle of the spinner and use your writing utensil to hold it in place. 
  3. Spin the paperclip to determine the type of exercise and then move your paperclip to the second spinner to find out how many repetitions you have to do! 
  4. Repeat as many times as you want, taking turns if more than one person is playing!

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