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Handprint Bouquet

This craft is one of my favorites. The finished product is seriously ADORABLE. It’s perfect for your little one to use as a Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one; it’s sentimental and something they can keep forever. It does take a little bit of time to create, but the results are so worth it!


  • White paper
  • Red and pink paint (create your own by mixing red and white)
  • Paintbrush 
  • Scissors
  • Green & gold pipe cleaners 
  • Tape 


  1. Paint your little one(s) hands with red or pink paint and press down firmly on the white paper. Fill 2 pages up with his or her handprints, making sure to leave space in between. Allow time for the handprints to dry.
  2. Once the handprints are dry, take your scissors and cut them out (please note: Adult supervision is highly suggested with the use of scissors). 
  3. Next,  tape each of the handprints onto the ends of the green pipe cleaners. 
  4. Finally, use the gold pipe cleaner to tie all of the green pipe cleaners together to make it look more like a bouquet of flowers. Keep this craft for yourself or allow your little one to choose someone that they would like to gift it to!

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Handprint Bouquet