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Fire Knockdown

Has your little one ever shown interest in becoming a firefighter? Do they like water guns? If you can answer either of those questions with ‘yes’ then this game is perfect for you! Not only does it give kiddos a day in the life of a firefighter but it’s also perfect for working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, it’s just fun!


  • 6 red plastic cups
  • Red and orange construction paper
  • Tape
  • Water guns
  • Scissors


  1. First, cut out six flame shapes from the orange construction paper.
  2. Next, cut out six smaller flame shapes from the red construction paper.
  3. Flip the cups over and use the tape to place an orange flame on the bottom center of each cup. Then, place a yellow flame on top of each orange flame.
  4. Stack the cups on top of each other to build a pyramid (see photo). Be sure to build the pyramid somewhere that can get wet or place a towel underneath the cups.
  5. Finally, stand 5-6 feet away from the pyramid and use the water guns to try to knock them down! Time your little one(s) to see how fast they can knock them down.

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Fire Knockdown