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February’s Kids Night In Box centered around having a kind heart. If you’re a subscriber, you know we talked about having a kind heart toward the earth and the people around you. We were lucky enough to partner with the American Heart Association for the month of February so we also talked about being kind to your own heart by making healthy decisions. This game is a perfect one to continue the “Kind Heart” theme by getting your little one(s) up and moving! It will help them release some energy, exercise, learn and most importantly allow them to have some FUN! All you need for this game is tape! That MIGHT be the best part.

Begin the activity by using the tape (we suggest masking tape, painters tape or any tape that will be kind to your floors) to create different shapes, letters or numbers on the floor. Use your best judgement to decide what will be best for your child! The little girl I did this activity with is pretty fluent with shapes, numbers and letters so I decided to use all three. Be sure spread the shapes/numbers/letters out from one another.

Next, tell your kiddo(s) which piece of tape you would like them to start on. Then, come up with different ways for them to move to different pieces of tape. For example, I asked Faye to start on the square and then hop to the number four. Keep doing this over and over and try to give your child a different type of movement each time (examples: tip toe, hop on one foot, crawl, slither, dance, etc). Faye thought it was so fun and silly! It was also a great way for her to practice her fluency in her letters while being active! It was a win win WIN!





Exercise & Education