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Eating A Rainbow

If you received a Kids Night In Box for the month of September you learned all about how to be nutritious by eating a “rainbow”! Fruits and vegetables are so good for our bodies and keep us healthy. There are so many different colors when it comes to fruits and veggies, and the more colorful foods we can eat, the better! A perfect way to remind yourself to eat healthy is to think about trying to eat all the colors that are in a rainbow. Today we are going to provide you with an activity that can show you how to practice good nutrition by eating healthy, colorful foods! 


  • “I can eat a rainbow” sheet (download)
  • Magazines with pictures of food in them
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Crayons 


  1. Start off by coloring each crayon on the “I can eat a rainbow” sheet with the correct color. 
  2. Next, go through the magazine together and try to find different fruits and vegetables for each color listed on the sheet
  3. Cut the pictures of food out* and glue them in the correct box! 
  4. When you are finished, admire how colorful and healthy your sheet is! We even suggest hanging it in the kitchen to remind you to eat as healthy as a rainbow.

*Adult supervision is highly encouraged with the use of scissors.

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Eating A Rainbow