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This blog contains a downloadable comic book template for your little one(s) to create their own superhero story! Get creative, practice literary skills, and have fun!

DIY Comic Book

In order to be strong like superheroes and stand up for what is right what must practice our mental and physical strength! This exercise is one more geared towards our physical abilities. It is perfect for a child who is working on their coordination and also helps get them up and active.

Superhero Action List

Turn the “Bear Hunt” Song into an interactive activity with this printable map!

Bear Hunt

Create this awesome jar that will provide your kiddo(s) with fun and engaging things to do when they are struggling to think of something on their own!

“I’m Bored” Jar

This activity is great for practicing writing skills, story telling skills and it encourages little ones to use their imagination.


Create an easy shadow puppet theater that will keep your kiddo busy while sparking their imagination!

Shadow Play

Let your little one see what a day in the life of a vet is like with this fun printable!

Vet Pretend Play

Get your little one(s) moving with this fun animal activity dice game!

Think, Move, Play

Make an adorable patriotic DIY t-shirt that is perfect for July 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any military event!

Patriotic T-Shirt

Find out how to make this delicious American flag out of graham crackers, m&ms, and icing!

Patriotic Snack