we're kids night in box.

We are a team of teachers, mom’s, dads, aunts & uncles who take pride in creating experiences for kids that won’t be another toy to collect dust.

Direct inspiration taken from real life moments directly from the trenches of trying to raise tiny humans! The educational benefits of our Sensory Kits are endless and encourage screen-free imaginative play. 


kids night in box

Life lessons delivered

A note from Megan...

First, I want to thank you so much for learning more about Kids Night In Box. As a Mom of two I know your time is valuable! We all browse Pinterest from time to time or see the parent who brings cool projects to life and posts on social media and before I started this company I only wished I could do the same for my children.

My mission is to fill the gap. Fill the gap of these real time opportunities for learning that are fleeting blips in time. Moments that deserve more attention than I was able to give. The moment when my daughter first started to grasp the concept that things at Target cost money and you have to EARN money by working hard. The moment when my daughter saw that people come in different shapes, sizes and colors and so many more.

So I have taken my experiences for what we like to call “LIFE LESSONS” and with the help of a certified teacher and an incredible team we deliver these important life lessons right to your door and we do it so you can just open and enjoy. Our experiences are not going to be toys that collect dust but rather life defining moments that will make an impact on your little one and you will end your time feeling like the time you just spent was really worth something.

Recently we have expanded our offerings to include Sensory Kits.  After our youngest child had a speech delay I wanted to find new and exciting ways for him to independently play and the educational benefits to Sensory Kits blew my mind.  After making one from scratch at home and watching my daughter and son play for HOURS, I knew we needed to bring the kits to the masses.  They are selling FAST and we are so excited you are loving them as well! 

We don’t just pack boxes.

Each month during packing time the wonderful people from the Tri Development Center of Aiken County come to help us pack boxes. So many of these individuals with disabilities have stories and experiences will touch you to the core and it’s our absolute pleasure to provide work to an underserved community of incredibly capable individuals.

We want you know that the more Kids Night In Boxes and kits we sell, the more we maintain our commitment to help grow the employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

To learn more about our partnership, stay tuned to our social media and blog where you can meet the team and hear details of their incredible journeys. 

We are INSPIRED by the people who help us bring our boxes to you.

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